Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow, Blue Hairy Slippers, Recuperation

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

And seeing my snowmen makes it delightful.

Since we've no place to go, put on some comfy slippers:

and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Another snowy evening and morning here in Kansas, which is odd for us. This is the first year in 15 years I can recall keeping my snow boots by the front door and wearing them out on every trip. I don't even remember the last time I wore my snow boots, judging from the dust I had to wipe off before wearing. Recovering from surgery, though, this is the perfect weather. I don't feel as if I'm missing out on anything.

My body has had it, I think. My surgery was December 17. I behaved and stayed home until December 24th. I was home again on Christmas Day but from that day on, I have been out and about every single day. Feeling better than I have in a long time, I started to forget I even had surgery, but for the constant night sweats and taking estrogen in the morning, oh and the reddened incisions, too. Yesterday I went out alone, my first time since surgery! JcPenney was running sales and I had a $15 off coupon along with a 15% off coupon and decided this was a good time to replenish my wardrobe with smaller sizes since I had donated a portion of my larger-sized apparel. I had a wonderful time and found incredible deals! Afterwards, still feeling well, I went to both of the Marts (K and Wal). After arriving home, I piled the groceries and goods on one arm and paraded in. Still feeling well, I vacuumed the house, steam-cleaned the floors and made dinner. Last night I experienced my first cramping since surgery.

This morning I woke up to much more cramping and heavier spotting and I think my body is screaming at me. Sure, my surgeon scolded me for doing too much, saying that most of her patients ask for longer restrictions, jokingly of course, and I am bucking them. No heavy lifting? A vacuum cleaner isn't that heavy, is it? Groceries? A piece of cake! My husband has been telling me not to take the laundry down two flights of stairs and back up two flights of stairs. Eh, no problem. I wait until he's sleeping or at work and I haul and wash. Words I have neglected to listen to, but now my body screams to relax and it's time to listen. So today my feet are up, the Sunday paper is scattered about, I vacuumed (sorry, some things just can't be helped), and I will cook dinner. But sitting jobs are on the agenda: writing bills for the month and trying to finish my library book due back in 3 days.

Feeling back pain once again coupled with cramping and other hurts are reminding me why I had a hysterectomy and why it's important to let myself heal. But heal in style I am, don't you love the blue hairy slippers? I bought them at JcPenney's. I saw them the time before, but decided I didn't need blue hairy slippers but yesterday they were calling my name. As I said goodbye to my husband before he went to work, I leaned over to give him a kiss and one foot stepped on the hairiness of the other foot and I went sailing across the entry hall trying not to fall. After my husband stopped laughing, he told me to be careful and he closed the door.

I think it's time for another Tylenol and a few sips of coffee before hitting the bills.

Same chores, different year, right? **wink** But at least some things stay the same: my klutziness being one of them!


queen said...

Oh funny, blue hairy slippers, I love it... I almost buy slippers every year. The thing that stops me is I KNOW I will never wear them!! I won't, my mom always made me wear them , her feet were cold so mine had to be, and I hated that, so since I've been in charge I never wear them.... and neither do you girls.... but my eldest married into a slipper wearing family, so now she wears them, and her children do too... the traitors... I still don't I wear birkenstocks all the time and they're easy to slip into and always there, so I guess I don't need them... slow down now and sit a bit.... still healing you know enjoy the snow.... I never want to see it again.... I'm a crossing guard, and I hate standing out there with it sticking to my glasses.

queen said...

not "you" girls... my day I promise.... a comment with not one mistake.... maybe